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Reach personal achievement by discovering yourself, developing your ideas, defining a fulfillment project and making it a brand.

Personal Discovery

This first module consists in first exploring who you really are and how you see yourself now and in the future. This will allow us to determine your life foundations and to define what success means to you. By digging deeper into yourself you will discover and understand what you want in life and your needs to live a meaningful life.

Self-Actualisation Plan

This module is the elaboration of your ideas into a fulfillment project allowing you to engage your journey towards personal achievement. Together, we make sure these ideas match who you are and meet your life fulfilment needs before stepping into concrete actions. Your project is your vehicule towards your personal definition of success.

Personal Branding

This last module is the translation of who you are and what you want to achieve into winning visuals. Branding yourself allows you to expose yourself and your fulfillment project to spread your reach to more professional and life opportunities. It is the logic by which you will sustain your competitive advantage and succeed with you new mission.

Define success on your own terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life you’re proud to live.

Do. What. Makes. You. Happy.

Choose your service & Engage your journey towards a meaningful life!

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Whether you are a student, an entrepreneur, an employee or a talent, we want to help you grow beyond the current societal limitations of today’s working world. Our focus goes to the young ambitious professionals facing the existential and perturbing life orientation question: “What do I want to do with my life?”

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YOR Community

YOR is a movement that should happen in all of us to believe in ourselves and work for our own definition of success. The Community allows driven & ambitious individuals to connect with like-minded providing them with the opportunity to communicate, meet and collaborate while fueling their ambition, aspiration and hunger for success.

Our Story

We inspire and motivate driven individuals to believe or start re-believing in themselves and their dreams. Read our Press Release.

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