Ensure yourself a future matching who you are & aspire to you personal success

Define success on your own terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life you’re proud to live.

Our Success Formula

We help you discover yourself, develop your ideas, define a project, make it a brand and reach personal achievement.

Mobile Office

An inspiring connected environment that fits your needs make you feel at peace while increasing productivity and effectiveness.


Personal Discovery is a Solo Traveling Plan allowing you to escape, to dig deeper in yourself and get to know the real you.


Develop a business idea, start your company, get hired, change jobs, change career, change life orientation, choose for education,…


Brand yourself, your career, your project, your talent, your passion and your mobile office and make yourself stand out and recognised.

Do. What. Makes. You. Happy.

Engage your journey towards a meaningful life!

we made

it for


YOR Community

YOR is a movement that should happen in all of us to believe in ourselves and work for our own definition of success

Need some inspiration & Motivation


Inspirings is a video platform allowing us to expose short movies illustrating the stories of our ambassadors and the success of inspiring projects. It is our way of stimulating and motivating you to undertake your own personal ideas to life in the view of reaching personal achievement.


Monthly gatherings allowing us to invite you to surround yourself with like minded individuals, influencing achievers and YOR ambassadors. Happenings are events offering you to listen or share your success stories and visions in the view of inspiring, motivating and stimulating one another.


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