Who should start “Your Own Revolution” ?

Your Own Revolution

Who should start “Your Own Revolution” ?

See – Today’s world is so complex, everything goes so fast. Temporal satisfaction replaced permanent fulfilment. We are unconsciously to busy chasing success, popularity or fame. Don’t you think it is absurd that we endure work due to a lack of choice or self-confidence to believe in ourselves to pursue something we enjoy doing? And then sometimes we need to escape our reality, the reality – to reconnect with ourselves, our friends and family for the sake of our mental health. We inevitably sature and start questioning ourselves hoping to eventually wake up one day.



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Don’t your remember when you first went to school: you started in primary where the goal was to push to secondary – to continue pushing to reach third and on and on to High School, College. Up to the amazing moment of graduation, a moment stating you are ready to go out into the world – this popular reality where the struggle for success, profession and orientation starts.

Read further to discover who should start “Your Own Revolution” and how we can help each profile reach personal achievement.

“Whether you are a student, an entrepreneur, an employee or a talent, we want to help you grow beyond the current societal limitations of today’s working world.”



One day or the other, the crucial decision point will arrive and you as a student will have to make a choice of study, school, country or internship. This choice will inevitably impact your life and shape you future. It is important to take all the necessary precautions to live a meaningful and happy life. We help students to make orientation choices that will benefit them and make sense in the long run avoiding future frustrations and disappointments. Coach me!

Would you like to get accepted for that study program, erasmus, internships or else? We help students to present themselves with confidence through innovative application material reflecting who they truly. Help yourself and start your personal branding with YOR. Brand Me!


Are you an entrepreneur and feel the need to define your online and offline identity as one. Maybe to start spreading awareness and increase the visibility of your entrepreneurship project? We help entrepreneurs market themselves through winning visuals such as websites, business cards, project presentations. flyers, posters and more to develop their personal branding! Brand me & my project!

Would you like to become an entrepreneur but don’t know how to start! Do you have the motivation and the drive but don’t have any idea to develop? Coach me!


The transition between education to employment is not an easy one and is usually under estimated! Though even if this is not your first employment, finding the right job, industry or company can become a rather difficult challenge. Would you find the perfect match, acing your interview is another question. We help job seekers and applicants to adopt the right mindset, attitude and strategy to land their matching job. Coach me!

Employees have more and more difficulties to differentiate themselves from others; qualifications, diploma or experience are not enough. That’s why personal presentations have become a key element in the application process for job seekers to stand out and win over their competition! We help job applicants to present themselves innovatively through outstanding visuals that will get them to their first interview! Personal Branding is your future – Brand me!


Do you have a special ability that allows you to do something well? Are you a blogger, an artist, an athlete or have any other talent you would like to present, promote and share with the world. We help talents exist by providing them with visuals such as websites, blogs, business cards and more to ensure they don’t go unnoticed. Personal branding is a pillar your personal achievement – Brand me!

Would you like to express your talent but don’t know how to start! Do you have the capability but lack self-confidence and methodology to begin? Coach me!

It is not a question of age, gender, nationality, continent or education but a question of ideas, knowledge, talent, attitude & the behavioural competences for a positive change.

Whether you are a student, an entrepreneur, an employee or a talent, we want to help you grow beyond the current societal limitations of today’s working world. Our focus goes to the young ambitious professionals facing the existential and perturbing life orientation question: “What do I want to do with my life?”

Stay hungry,

Laurent Goffinon

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