Smashing Your Personal Branding

Smashing Your Personal Branding

If you post regularly online, on personal accounts or professional profiles under your name, you’re furthering your own brand – whether you realise it or not! The way you interact with others and the content you share online creates an image of you and what you stand for, and it’s never been more important for you to acknowledge and nurture that image.

Whether you’ve been working hard on your personal brand, or whether you’re totally new to the concept and want to get started, we’ve got some top tips to help you smash your personal branding and carve out your own niche online.

Victor-Kiefer Gerard

Business & Brand Development

“Brand yourself for the career you want,
not the job you have.”

Audit Yourself Like You Would Any Other Brand

Try to be objective and look at your own profiles as though you were a third party auditing a brand. Look at how you conduct yourself online – do you exude authority or are you chasing exposure? Examine the content that you’re sharing – does this suggest thought leadership, or does it look like you’re always late to the party? Be ruthless with yourself – it’ll end up working wonders in the long-term!

Don’t Fake It

Authenticity is very important in the online world – and consumers can tell a mile off when someone is faking. When building your personal brand, it’s important to be yourself. Show people the real you! Obviously, this will be mixed with marketing messages and professional content, but it’s important for consumers to see your personality and identity, rather than endless corporate-speak and buzzwords.

Focus On What Sets You Apart

Branding is all about setting yourself apart from competitors, and it’s vital that you do this when building your personal brand. Identify your niche, as it were, and promote it as strongly as you can. If you have particular expertise in a certain area, if you’re passionate about a specific topic or if you are an influential figure in a sector or industry, leverage it and make sure your audience knows about it.

Be Accessible

You can’t build a brand from an ivory tower where you’re hidden away from the public. You have to get out there and engage – virtually, anyway! Make sure that your audience knows you’re accessible. Schedule hangouts or live broadcasts regularly, carry out Q&A sessions online, respond to and engage with your followers as much as you can. All of these things will help create an image of you as accessible, visible and approachable.

Don’t Try To Do Too Much

With so many social networks out there these days, it can be tempting to try and manage profiles on all of them – after all, you could be missing out on valuable opportunities! But this can actually backfire. Managing too many platforms and spreading yourself too thin can cause the quality of your content to dip, and your engagement to fall. It’s better to be influential and respected on one social platform than an unknown entity on five others!

“Passion is personal branding fuel.”

If you’re struggling to define your personal brand, or want to take your own branding to the next level, we hope these tips were helpful. Keep following the YOR blog for more tips and advice on making the most of your personal branding.

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