Pursuing My Revolution, The Start of Something New – VLOG 1

Pursuing My Revolution, The Start of Something New – VLOG 1

by | Apr 10, 2018

Greed and fear, and insane struggles for power have been part of life on this planet since the dawn of our societies. While man’s consciousness had indeed slowly been evolving these unnatural parts of our nature are still deeply rooted.

Anyone who follows the world events on the news can see that the madness still holds sway.

There is suffer and anguish in every corner of the globe, and even so, the wheels of the great machine still turn. The “job market” has become a place to sell your soul, and get very little in return. Everywhere the natural world suffers. Industry moguls without conscience plunder the wealth of the earth, and cover the truth with slick marketing and clever PR. We seem to have lost touch with what really matters…

These are facts that any sane person can verify independently. You can choose to ignore it, or look at it honestly.

I am not here to condemn society. The revolution we’re discussing here is a personal one. We can make positive changes only if we start with ourselves.

So here’s the positive side of it: With each individual that choose to change his or her mindset, the problem gets a little smaller, and the global solutions gets a little closer.

Are you ready to become part of the solutions?

Follow the old way, and remain insane – or wake up, and start changing the little piece of the earth that’s right under your own two feet. Use your own two hands, and your own incredible mind to become the change you’re longing for. Co=create your reality with like-minded souls, and choose a different way.

If you are still reading chances are you’ve already made that choice, What you’re looking for is a way out of the madness – one that makes sense in practical terms, and real life.

A revolution can only happen when a have a better alternative firmly in your sights. It’s not a matter of removing an old system without replacing it with something better. Bills don’t pay themselves, and landlords don’t make empty promises in lieu of rent. So whatever choice you make, it needs to work in real life.

Here is where I can help you with and support you in your actualisation and translation of purpose into a form of income.

Get in touch and stay posted.




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