The Power of Connecting on LinkedIn

The Power of Connecting on LinkedIn

by | Feb 26, 2019

Today, I had the honor to skype with Caroline Almeira Cruz all the way from Portugal…

A beautiful personal with such a purpose, such a drive and all that with a level of passion you will rarely see

She is the co-founder, ex-CEO and chairwomen of Sapana, a thriving NGO aiming primarily to bring awareness and empower both people and organizations for their sustainability, dignity and willingness to change. It is a mission enterprise, of human sustainability. They believe that every human being has the ability to be more, and to be himself.


Her story was a like a breath of fresh air and so inspiring to hear! When you think that a trip that lasted a year through Nepal, Tibet and India made her launch SAPANA!

I love it!

Once again we can’t deny how much travel has been adding value to people’s life and mine too!

Travel was the start of my entrepreneurial journey.. the awakening of my sense of purpose in life..

Anyway..When you think that this conversation was simply the result of a connection request on Linkedin… and evolved in such a promising outcome with so much value and so many possibilities..

This video just to raise awareness about how grateful we can be to be living in an era in which technology is enabling us to broaden our horizon, reach out to people out of well known circle, on the other side of the world and make us connect with meaningful people from the click of a button.

I know technology can be a sensitive subject as it also disconnects us in many ways but if you truly embrace technology and set boundaries to not let it intrude your life – beautiful things can happen.

So tell me who’s the last person you connected with?

Who’s the last person you got to know?

Give it a go and connect with someone new!

You’d be surprised of how exciting it can be.

Take care!


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