Your Personal Branding Starts with A Simple Vision

Your Personal Branding Starts with A Simple Vision

by | Mar 5, 2019

Why don’t you need to sell anything to be in business and have an impact

You just need the vision and the idea….

I get asked a lot: Hey Laurent, what do you actually sell, what is your product, what is your solution…

Well let me just answer by telling you that the people I know that do well and sell are the people that don’t even have a product – they just have a vision, a purpose!

And people just buy into that idea..

People buy into the illusion of getting access to you, your point of view, your experience and your drive to make things happen…

It’s all about personal value and how meaningful your vision speaks to people..

And when you start sharing your purpose, your ideas, your vision of a better world and that triggers people…

It means you connect; they can relate…

And it automatically creates and fuel your personal branding whether you believe you have one or not…

I see so many people getting meetings with thought leaders with whom they co-create solution and businesses

That just base on a vision, on a drive to have an impact

0 products

they are just indirectly selling themselves…

Because when you have a personal brand, when you are networking, when you are creating relevant content

People buy into the idea that you can help them on their quest or in their business

And then when you have that impact, that relevance, that influence, then its time to think about your product, your services, solutions, framework or program!

And who know who will co-create it with you..

Go out out there, share your vision of the world and how you see yourself contributing for positive change – you’d be surprised.


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