Use Story Telling to Amplify Your Brand

Use Story Telling to Amplify Your Brand

by | Mar 26, 2019

In today’s context in which everyone is seeking for more engagement one of the biggest challenge for businesses is to ensure that their employees are engaged

meaning they know, they feel, they remember and share your company’s overall strategy, vision and find meaning contributing.

Engaged and fulfilled employees is crucial to the success of both parties

However, difficulties arise when your communication does not inspire your people to get onboard

Many companies suffer from a lack of engagement.

If you find yourself questioning why your employees don’t pay attention, you may want to take a look at your content.

Is it boring? Can your employees relate?

When competing for attention, storytelling is the answer

it is a powerful weapon to go beyond the facts and go deep into connecting on an emotional level.

Incorporating stories into your messages and content can bring so much value

a shared sense of relevance, belonging & meaning

But how can you get started?

It is crucial for people to know who you are before they decide to care.

So start by sharing your story to let your employees connect with you and your vision,  

this will allow you to win a position of trust with your peers.

Business being all about facts and figures, what is often missing is the human aspect

stories create this effect, leaving individuals with something to remember and value.

The World’s most powerful leaders inspire leadership and the same should apply to the CEO or manager in an organization. People choose to follow people because of how they make them feel, and the strong emotional connections they will create

You might not be used to the concept of sharing personal experiences, and instead choose to focus on the industry news or the trending subjects.

Personalized storytelling communications are a low-cost strategy that can easily be utilized to drive business results and amplify your brand.

Look at Schultz from Starbucks who shares his story with his employees..

It enables him to inspire, humanize his leadership, foster positive behavior and to show that their job is more than just selling coffee.

This leaves his employees engaged and more motivated to the purpose of the organization.

Stories are easy to tell and easy to remember.

Therefore they’re easy to spread.

A leader can start a good story on its way and watch it take on a life of its own.

As it does so, it creates a community.

So tell me, what is your story?

Take care 


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