You Need Brand Ambassadors, Now More than Ever

You Need Brand Ambassadors, Now More than Ever

by | Mar 26, 2019

I read a lot about marketing and I can’t stop noticing how much brand ambassador strategies are going mainstream.

more and more companies become eager to make use of the power of referrals

They see it as a way to possibly grow their brand awareness, employer branding, increase their market share, attract more talents or even boost their leads. 

They talk of brand ambassadors as anyone from social media influencers to established bloggers to A-list celebrities. 

Some even say that online influencers are now the new brand advertisers because consumers are increasingly likely to trust the right influencers.

 I think there is a thin line between referrals/testimonials and sponsored influencer advertising…

I am not saying that I do no see value in confirmed influencers becoming brand ambassadors and helping businesses defining their brands and they should continue

 but if choosing the right brand representatives meant partnering with those who aligned with your company culture and ideals… I think they miss an important opportunity..

 What about your employees?

 Aren’t your employees the ideal candidates? Tell me why don’t you activate your employees in becoming your brand ambassadors?

 Rather than looking for external ambassadors matching the unique objectives of your program, who have the potential to be your advocates, and who could eventually become, in the process, an integral part of your company and your success..

 Why don’t you empower your employees, help them boost their personal branding, grow their network and nourish their influence?

 Let them be your brand ambassador and give them the skills & tools to do so.

 I understand that employee engagement is a sensitive subject but isn’t that an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

 Boosting your external & internal engagement through employee empowerment.

I often hear how much companies want the golden solution to boost their employer branding..

 Well there is no cheatcode.. it’s all organic… 

You have it all within you, within your team or within your business and its your responsibility to make it meaningful.

So make it matter!


Take care


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