Why should you work in a mobile office?

Most of us have worked in a conventional office at some point in our lives – and most of us can probably agree that it’s a fairly uninspiring affair. The fluorescent lighting, the same four walls every day, the awful cafeteria food… it’s not the kind of working environment where you’re going to have your best ideas or create your finest work.

But offices do have their upsides. They make your business appear thoroughly professional, and there’s always someone around for you to bounce ideas off. So what if you could strip away the negative parts of life in an office, leaving only the good parts – and for a bonus, make it fully portable?

The good news is that you can! Mobile offices are the future, and they’re helping thousands of young businesspeople and entrepreneurs to shrug off the constraints of conventional offices for a more free and flexible working life. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of mobile offices:


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A mobile office is… well, mobile!

Of course, the key benefit of a mobile office is that you can take it wherever you go. If you purchase a mobile office through YOR, you can hitch it to your regular vehicle and have a fully equipped workspace with you wherever you go. You can travel to client locations all over the world in your trendy mobile office – you can even hold meetings in it!

In your mobile office, you’ll be able to go wherever the work is. If there’s a big conference in a certain city that you want to capitalise on, you can head straight there, and take your office with you.

A mobile office means you won’t be confined to a single place anymore. You can get out and see the world, while taking your business with you.

Our mobile office is eco-friendly

We didn’t want our mobile office to be a burden on the environment – that wouldn’t look great on your business’ mission statement! So we’ve strived to ensure it’s as eco-friendly as possible, using sustainable and recycled materials wherever possible. We recognise that it’s important to think about the environment in this day and age, and you can bet that our mobile office is far eco-friendlier than a traditional office, which wastes electricity and paper every day.

It’ll attract attention!

Your mobile office will certainly provide an interesting talking point for you while you’re on your travels! You’ll draw the attention of your clients, and it’ll certainly make you appear innovative and forward-thinking. A mobile office can help show your potential new clients and customers that you’re different from other entrepreneurs – you’re more ambitious, and more willing to hit the open road to meet your goals.


If the idea of staying in a static office is not appealing to you, get in touch with YOR today. You can buy your very own mobile office, or rent one for a short period to get the hang of it before you commit. Are you ready to see how successful you could be with an eco-friendly, fully connected mobile office at your disposal?

Check out YOR’s mobile office available here for rent or get a new one tailormade to your needs here.

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