How to Improve Your Life by Making Good Use of Your Free Time

Do you wish you could change your job, your career or your entire life?

You and only you have the power to improve your life by making good use of your free time. After leaving work, you have five or six hours of free time before you go to bed. An investment of just one or two of these hours each day can lead to significant positive changes over the course of a year. So, what should you do instead of slumping in front of the TV or playing games? Here are four ways to use your free time to transform your life.


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“In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

Get Involved

Before changing jobs or careers, develop some of the new skills you’ll need by getting involved in local community projects. For example, if you’d like to retrain as a teacher, volunteer to work with children at a youth centre or in a counselling or coaching role. Look for volunteering opportunities that allow you to make good use of your skills and talents, especially if they are undervalued in your current job.  You might even discover a new area of interest. Add the work experience you gain from volunteering to your CV or resume. 80% of recruiters react positively when they see volunteering on a CV, according to research carried out by the job site reed.co.uk.


Don’t wait for your employer to send you on a training course. Enrol on the course yourself and complete it in your spare time. It will increase your chances of being promoted or securing a better job at a different company.

Identify the gaps in your knowledge that are preventing you from moving forward in your career, and find a course to fill those gaps.If you’d like to change your career completely, search for courses that will allow you to acquire the knowledge you’ll need.

If your local college doesn’t offer a suitable course, look online. A wide variety of flexible, modular courses are available, enabling you to study at home in your spare time and at your own pace.


Would you like to learn more about managing and growing a business? How about improving your knowledge of marketing?

Learn about all these subjects and more by reading authoritative books. Look for books written by experts that have many positive reviews on Amazon. Consult people who’ve already mastered the skills you’d like to learn. Ask them which books they’d recommend.


Connect with people who will inspire, motivate and coach you by joining an online business community, such as the YOR Community.

Meet new business contacts in person at trade fairs, conferences, lectures, seminars and other business events. Over time, your business contacts will share inspirational success stories, offer insightful advice and disclose inside information, helping you move forward in your career or changing the course of your life entirely.

Start Now!

If you make good use of your spare time on a consistent, daily basis, great things will start to happen.

You’ll discover new paths you never thought existed, and new opportunities will open up to you. Your inner confidence will grow and you’ll feel good about yourself, your life, and your future.

What are you waiting for? Get off the couch and start making the most of your free time today!

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