I just sued the school system

— Ea Prince


Credits to Ea Prince.

Stay Hungry,


Thrive on by Idris Elba

Thrive On — Idris Elba Youtube Thrive On means taking life in your stride. Growing, learning and making the most of life's possibilities. Idris Elba strives on helping and inspiring you to push for more, because no matter what stage of life you’re at, there’s always...

Be the Change by Jay Shetty

Be the Change. — Jay Shetty Youtube We all know that there are things in the world that we need to change. We live in a paradoxical society with conflicting priorities, messages and opinions. It is quite overwhelming when we are trying to bring about change in a...

Everybody dies, but not everybody lives by Prince Ea

Everybody dies, but not everybody lives. — Prince Ea Youtube The One Thing You Should Know; Before You Die! If you have a dream, idea, or invention that can make the world a better place, together we can bring that idea to life and turn it into a reality. Credits to...

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