Things To Consider When Travelling Solo

Solo travel has incredible allure and appeal for the millennials of today. What’s not to love about exploring the world with nothing but your laptop and the clothes on your back? Many of the world’s brightest young sparks want to see as much of this planet as they can while they’re young – and some even plan to work while they’re on the move travelling solo, in order to fund their trip continuously.

If you’re planning to ‘go solo’, here are some things to consider before you jet off. Bon voyage!


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“I don’ t travel alone to get away from anyone, I am travelling solo to get closer to me.”

Stay connected

It can be tempting when you’re travelling solo to go ‘off-grid’ – but it’s important to remain in contact with someone from home for your own safety. Schedule a regular check-in time with a friend or relative back home, whether it’s a phone call, a Facebook message or a Skype video chat. You should also register with your relevant governmental department, who can send you alerts about any important situations you may need to be aware of on your travels. Stay connected at all times – you might feel the need to ‘disappear’ for a few days and enjoy the peace and quiet that comes with solo travel, but don’t do it at the expense of safety and security.

Dress like a resident

If you’re dressed like a tourist, you could attract the wrong sort of attention, or become a target for crime among opportunists who might think you’re an easy target. Try to blend in with your surroundings – take note of what local people are wearing and try to emulate it as much as possible.

Make friends!

If you’re staying in hostels or other short-term accommodation, you’ll make friends easily – and this can be really useful in your continuing travels. If you find someone who is heading to the same destination as you, you can avoid what’s known as the ‘single supplement’. This is when hotels or tour operators charge you extra if you’re travelling alone, to make up for the money they’ll lose by not having an additional passenger or resident. Be careful and alert when making new friends in other countries – most will be friendly and trustworthy, but there may be a tiny minority that you wouldn’t want to share a room with.

Use your contacts

If you’re a member of an entrepreneurial community of any kind, you may already have contacts all over the world. Leverage them! Your friends in other countries may know of someone who can offer you a room for a few nights. They could show you the local sights, hook you up with coworking spaces and help you find the best restaurants in town. Just because you’re travelling solo, doesn’t mean you have to remain isolated. Make use of your contacts, and grow your network on the go!

Invest in quality belongings

It’s worth spending a little extra on your belongings when travelling solo. Your backpack, for example – this bag will be carrying around your life’s possessions for some time, you don’t want to have to worry about straps breaking or zips falling apart. Invest in quality and you’ll spend less time worrying about security. Buy a quality cross-body bag or a hidden wallet that you can wear under your clothes. Protect your gadgets with strong, durable cases and covers. Make use of safes in hostels and hotels.

And above all… enjoy your trip!


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