Reinventing Your Personal Brand

The idea of the personal brand has been around for a number of years now, with millions of professionals gaining an in-depth understanding of how a solid personal brand can help their career and their life in general.

But what if you feel that your personal brand is no longer suitable? As humans, we change and grow every day – what if you feel that your brand no longer represents who you are? This could be damaging to your reputation, and could even have an impact on your career in the long-term.

First off, here are some signs that you should be considering a reinvention of your personal brand:


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Sign #1

You don’t relate to your old mission statements

In creating your brand all those years ago, you might have had an idea of where you want to be in five years, or which goals you wanted to achieve in your career. But now, a number of years later, your goals and desires might be very different.

Sign #2

Your online graphics and presence looks outdated

It’s likely that you built online graphics and a web presence around your personal brand, to really drive it home. But recently, you’ve noticed that those flashy graphics don’t look quite as slick as they used to… in fact, they look pretty dated.

Sign #3

Your audience has changed

Personal branding is just like the branding of a product or service – it has to appeal to a certain demographic. If you feel that your audience has changed over the last few years, your brand needs to change with it, in order to keep appealing to those individuals.

So how can you reinvent your personal brand and create an image that will remain relevant as your career evolves? Take a look at these top tips from our personal branding experts:

Set new goals

When you’re overhauling your personal brand, it’s important that you take some time to think about where you’re going, and how you want to get there. You probably did this when you first created your brand all those years ago – but as we’ve mentioned, times change, people grow and your aims might be different now.

Define your new audience

Perhaps you started out targeting those who wanted to start their own businesses, and were marketing and selling products to those individuals. But as you’ve grown, your audience has grown with you, and now the majority of your customers are existing business owners looking to take the next step. If you can properly define the audience that you’re marketing to, you’ll be in a better position to bring your personal brand up to date.

Change your strategy

A new brand demands a new strategy. You can’t keep doing everything exactly the way you used to – that’s not a proper rebrand, it’s just giving your old brand a lick of paint! Think about everything you do, from social media activity to your elevator pitch at networking events. How will you need to approach these things to convey your new brand? A rebrand is a great opportunity to build a more relevant and dynamic strategy from the ground up, using everything you’ve learned so far.

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