Amazing Examples of Personal Branding That You Can Learn From
We all know how important having a personal brand is – it can elevate your career in a multitude of exciting ways. But many people are confused about the process of creating and refining a personal brand. In order to help, we thought we’d select some fine examples of personal branding from across the internet, so we can show you what it looks like to create a really effective personal brand. You can learn from each and every one of these examples, so make sure you’re ready to take notes!

Victor-Kiefer Gerard

Business & Brand Development

Richard Branson – the storyteller

The story of how Richard Branson turned Virgin from a single London record shop into a global conglomerate of different businesses is one we’ll never get bored of. But Mr Branson has also become the master of the personal brand, using the unique combination of personal and professional content. He is an innovator, yes – but he’s also approachable, friendly and refreshingly normal. He’s happy to share details of his successes and failures in equal measure. Above all, he’s fun! His #byetothetie campaign shows that being a billionaire business magnate doesn’t always mean being dull and boring. What we can learn from Richard Branson: Your personal brand is nothing without a bit of personality.

“Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are.”
– Malcolm Forbes

Robby Leonardi – Use Your Skills

Robby Leonardi is a graphic designer with one of the most impressive interactive resumes you’ll ever see! The colourful, side-scrolling CV is almost like a platform game, taking you through his achievements and abilities. This is a very clever technique – allowing your personal brand to showcase what you’re great at. If you’re great with words, your personal brand should revolve around blogging, writing and content. If you’re a whizz with graphics, your personal brand should be aesthetically beautiful or eye-catching, just like Robby’s. What we can learn from Robby Leonardi: Your personal brand should not only showcase your personality, but your skills.

Simon Sinek – be relatable

When creating a personal brand, it can be tempting to position yourself as an elite expert, with knowledge that no other individual in your niche possesses. But this can backfire – if you position yourself as ‘elite’, you may end up alienating a huge portion of your potential followers, because they feel your content is too complicated for them. Simon Sinek is a great example of someone who has created a personal brand that is relatable, simple and encouraging. What we can learn from Simon Sinek: You don’t need to overcomplicate things to create an impressive personal brand – just make sure that your audience can relate to it!

Darren Hardy – back it up

Darren Hardy is a success mentor with a great personal brand – and one of his key selling points is the fact that he’s been there and done it all before. He has the experience to back up all of his claims – he’s been the publisher and editor of SUCCESS magazine and he’s led television networks that allows him unparalleled access to people like Steve Jobs, Elon Musk and Richard Branson (our storyteller). What we can learn from Darren Hardy: Personal branding is not about making wild, unachievable claims to make yourself look good. You must be able to back up your offerings with experience and knowledge.


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