Don’t Be Afraid To Travel Alone!

For many of us, travel is the ultimate high. We thirst for it as we scroll through infinite travel blogs, admiring photographs of seemingly impossible destinations. The thing is though, these destinations are not that impossible at all. If you want to go somewhere badly enough, chances are you can make it happen sooner or later, even if you can’t find a friend to come along. Even if you have to travel alone.

Victor-Kiefer Gerard
Business & Brand Development

“You never really travel alone. The world is full of friends waiting to get to know you.

Many people are deterred from solo travel when they picture all the occasions in which they will feel awkwardly alone, or in other words, outside of their comfort zone. First off, you are not weird for eating dinner by yourself at a restaurant in Thailand. You are independent, free to fully absorb the culture around you without the distraction of friends, and frankly, becoming more worldly by the moment. Secondly, you will probably not remain alone for long, because you are now much more approachable as a solo traveler.

It’s important to feel a sense of self-sufficiency in life and there is no faster way to get there than by figuring out how to navigate a new city on your own. When you change your surroundings, you grow mentally, and not only do “surroundings” include where you are on the map but also the people you are near. If you travel to a new place, along with your three best friends, you are likely to be impacted less, as you are too comfortable with and dependent on the familiarity around you.

Traveling without familiar people, you are available to form new relationships which you will undoubtedly learn from, whether it be other travelers or locals of the destination. More often than not, locals are excited and proud to show off their culture and can provide the best learning experiences of all. You are much more likely be invited into someone’s shop for traditional Moroccan tea if you don’t present the burden of four other mouths to feed in addition to yours. If you wanted to, you could buy this tea at a cafe for an affordable price, absolutely. However, you wouldn’t get the fascinating history lesson or language exchange that often come with local experiences, and these cultural exchanges are what traveling is truly about.

If you start to feel uneasy when on the road, know that you can always turn to online coaching, as well as creative therapy in the form of journaling or sketching. It’s okay to be anxious, but there is no need to panic as your trip gets closer when you don’t have to start your journey alone. With all the social applications we have today it’s easy to connect with other travelers who will be in the same destinations, even before you leave your home. From major platforms such as Facebook and Couchsurfing to more specific ones designed to connect female-solo-travelers, the options are endless.

“As you travel solo, being totally responsible for yourself, it’s inevitable that you will discover just how capable you are”

It sounds hard to make the leap, but once you discover how delicious independence tastes while traveling alone, you may never look back.

Stay Hungry,

YOR team

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