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by | May 16, 2018

To each one of us, life poses certain questions that demand answers.

We need to decide what we’re going to do. We need to find a place to live, choose a partner, (or not), and plan our futures, our careers, and provide for our old age. Somewhere in between we have to figure out how to be happy too – but how?

Each choice comes with consequences, and we learn painful lessons if we make bad choices. But underneath all those big questions is an even ore fundamental one:

Who am I – and what is my place in the grand scheme of things?

Life is often a constant stream of distractions – so when do we get a chance to reflect on this question seriously?

Through kindergarten, primary school, secondary school and university, and then on to work – the question gets swept under the carpet. Maybe one day the answer will come. But until you make a conscious effort, it will continue to go unanswered.

Often it’s only much later, when the mid-life crisis appears on the horizon that we face up to the big question. By then it may be too late.

Some of us might need an entire life time to answer that question completely, But is it really necessary to waste time, talking all the wrong turns?

What about right now – in this present moment? Isn’t this where life is happening?

When you’re living life on “autopilot”, putting your dreams on hold, it can be a terrible thing.

Everyday life, which usually means work, commuting and chores, seems somehow trivial and empty. Things that are supposed to bring how seem thin and unsatisfying. When your thoughts and emotions and at odds, nothing seems satisfying.

Knowing what you want out of life and knowing exactly how to get it – are tow very different things.

Starting your own personal revolution is about taking that first decisive step.

It’s about discovering a sense of identity – one that feels natural and authentic – instead of something second-hand, passed down or fake.

That first step needs to be followed by another, and then another – and most importantly, the direction in which you’re moving needs to be clear.

You’re moving towards your natural self. Towards the real person, underneath all the labels that family and society have placed on you, underneath all the confusion and disillusionment.

In practical terms this means that something has to change, Perhaps your journey will take you to far corner of the globe, doing something you would never believe you could do. It’s just as likely you could find the answer you’re seeking right under your nose.

It’s a process of self-discovery.

Nobody can prescribe what your life should be – only you can do that.


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