Alexia is a working professional who works as an employee for several yearsShe landed in a fast growing company after her graduation and satisfied her motivation for success by aiming high. However, she feels something is missing as she lacks to understand the clear intentions of the business she works for and their commitments to give back to the society.

Purpose driven, Alexia wonders about her life mission and realises that she misses a feeling of meaning. Sure, her career is emerging but she doubts about what this will bring her in the long run other than satisfying societal beliefs.

Alexia has a strong desire to actively make an impact as she begins to think about her contribution to a better world. Pouring her heart, passion and a lot of effort into making a difference is likely to make her feel fulfilled.

Discovering her true calling and somehow defining how to express her willingness to make an impact, animates her. Socially conscious, she aspires to live fully aligned in the now. She is searching for a challenge, a project that matches who she is and which helps her getting closer to her purpose.


Coaching is the supporting process allowing Alexia to organize her thoughts and ideas around her future alignment. This deep self-questioning generates as many wonders than doubts for her which all need to be addressed with her coach who accompanies her in this transition.

YOR Coach allows Alexia to focus on her needs, wants and desires while ensuring she stays at the core of all the choices she decides to engage. Coaching allows Alexia to define her possibilities of alignment by exploring her current capabilities and dreams in the view of discovering a meaningful purpose.


The community allows Alexia to join a movement of likeminded individuals. Unaware of how to engage her search of meaning, she discovers through the community a vast array of opportunities and orientations that could allow her to express her inner-self. She connects and interacts with members with a similar experience who found their way towards personal alignment. Surrounding herself by inspiring people who aspire to a common future motivates her to organise her thoughts around a project.


YOR course is a self-help program that stimulates Alexia to define the vision she has for herself as well as putting some words on who she is and what triggers her in life.

She follows the course to her convenience and goes through all the stages of personal alignment. This allows her to methodically define her personal meaning of success, discover herself and develop a self-actualization project in alignment with who she is and what she strives for. The course material stimulates her to dig into her true aspirations and inspirations without taking into consideration our societal limitations but also push her to focus solely on her drives and dreams. Not only does this course covers the development of concrete actions for Alexia’s future but also helps her build a personal brand by learning about the translation of her story into visuals. The whole process triggers Alexia to look at everything she was told and thaught from a different perspective. She finishes the course by being self-centered and engages a meaningful and fulfilling life.


Sometimes taking a step back and looking at a situation from a different perspective allows different options and ideas to emerge. Staying within the same environment and context could make Alexia over-think the situation which she needs to avoid.

Solo traveling is the way to take time for yourself and with yourself. This solo travel development experience allows Alexia to break free and trigger the boundaries of her comfort zone and anchored beliefs. This stimulates her to refocus on her personal desires, who she is and understand which path could enable her to live a meaningful and fully aligned life. Supported all along with a personal coach, Alexia returns from this journey with the clarity and the motivation to be confident in her next steps, potential project and purpose. Determined, she feels ready to move on for her and never stop listening to herself.


We live in a world in which being branded as become as must whether you are an employee, an entrepreneur or a talent. As much as hard skills, education and knowledge is important, soft skills have become an essential component that separates you from your competitors. Who you are is the biggest distinction you can make, to promote yourself for any project, job or challenge. The system has forced on people the need to ‘sell’ themselves.

Personal Branding is the process of developing yourself as a brand by presenting your story because yes, story matters – that’s what you stand for. Having found her path, it is now time for Alexia to share vision, mission and purpose. As it is crucial for any influencer, entrerpreneur, or life driver, Alexia needs to spread her story and share her message to the world. For this, Alexia needs to brand herself, a brand that will stand for who she is, what she is and her purpose. Therefore her own logo, business cards and website are developed and constructed.



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