eBook – It’s Time to Start Your Own Revolution

It’s Time to Start
Your Own Revolution

  • You might be well aware that today’s society is broken.
  • You don’t believe that you are defined by your job at all.
  • You don’t fit into the neat cubicles society tries to slot us into
  • You look at the world a little differently, even if, right now, that doesn’t meet with the approval of society.
  • You’re not satisfied with chasing a make-believe career to earn money in order to buy happiness
  • You want to find your own inner compass, and give you the courage to make the journey.
  • You’re longing for change, but you’re not sure how to go about it.

This book is here to show you that it is possible and that there are new ways to create your own destiny, live the life you really want, and stay true to your real inner nature.


Great book, great read, great gift for anyone committed to becoming a Master of Life!


An illuminating and easy-to-read book for everyone who is looking to attain new heights in his or her life.


We live in interesting times. Our generation is exploring the frontiers of the mind, and challenging the paradigms of the past. For young people, tough challenges lie ahead. Unemployment, outdated schooling systems, and an incredible pace of change have left far too many at a disadvantage. For those leaving school or college, it can be a confusing, intimidating experience. How can we find the right path?

But the winds of change can be felt. All over the world people are waking up to a new kind of consciousness, and re-defining what a “career path” really means. Digital Nomads are leaving the cities, and working in far-off parts of the world. Sustainable and green thinking is changing the way we imagine a good quality of life. Collars and ties, and the corporate world no longer hold the same fascination for all of us…

It’s time to start a revolution – not to overthrow a government, but an inner revolution, to overthrow mindsets that no longer serve any purpose. If you’re not prepared  to settle for the life of an automaton, but instead hunger for a life of your own design, and a path of your own choosing, this is the book for you. Find out more about how to get back on an authentic life path.

It’s time to start Your Own Revolution.

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