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To create an unrivaled global community of driven and ambitious individuals and become the definite source of aspiration and personal development experiences


We want to push societal limitation barriers, to break new grounds and become the pioneer of a new societal dynamic. We want to reduce our dependence on the system and contribute to the people not because we have to but because we can. We want to empower the people to make a difference. 

We need people who challenge the status Quo, create their futures and lead their lives to help others

All Community Members
some common traits

  • Driven & Ambitious Individuals
  • A desire to succeed and to be different 
  • A feeling you can achieve more
  • Not believing in the conventional success
  • Visionary & Idealist
  • Believe in simplicity, in less is more 
  • A desire to have an impact and lead a change to a sustainable future
  • Believe that education is not always the only key

and what makes us different in life is not what we do but our personal achievements


If you are eager and ambitious, we want you to do more in your life. This will best happen when you learn and grow from the input of other driven individuals. Making new connections provides you with fresh observations on your challenges and life. There are loads of people who can pour into you and take part into your personal development towards personal alignment.


YOR Community can use your life's experiences to encourage others. You can share what you've done and multiply the hope and confidence in another person's life. This happens every day in YOR Community, and we’d love for you to participate and experience it for yourself.


We don't really know what your personal alignment journey will look like for you, but it surely will be full of people who think just like you and speak your language. YOR community is a taste of what's to come - people from all walks of life with vastly varied backgrounds who are eager to succeed and live a fulfilling and meaningful life.


Ever loosing motivation and self-confidence? Imagine what making a new connection, seeing a members development, achievement and alignment can do. You'll start thinking bigger and dreaming bigger.

Our Community Platform

"You become the people you surround yourself with"

The Community allows driven & ambitious individuals to connect with like-minded providing them with the opportunity to communicate, meet and collaborate while fueling their ambition, aspiration and hunger for success. We invest in YOR community by enabling members and ambassadors to meet, discuss and network, all in the view of reinforcing our philosophy and strengthening our forward looking movement.