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It all comes down to purpose

This incredible journey started off with the hardest decision i had ever made, i booked a one-way ticket to south east asia, and promised myself to never come back until i had found my purpose in life.

In 2016, i came back to europe to actualise my discoveries, learnings and discovered purpose into the launch of your own revolution.

“Your Own Revolution is about tackling a number of societal issues currently faced by today’s generation – such as how success is perceived more widely. It’s about addressing more personal issues which act as boundaries to success, such as identity, life guidance and purpose. as a community, it’s about the guidance, the support and the tools you need to realise your potential.”

My return in europe led me to a professional ICF coaching certification, the accomplishment of a vast array of experiences with clients in the corporate segment and the big warning that the giant mechanical arm in the sky had once again tried to pick me up and forced me into a mold – accept the system – and sacrifice my inner truth.

I had lost the flow of the present moment and fell back into the dull mindset of today’s society. There seem to be a thousand reasons why we simply can’t live the life we feel we’re meant to be living. but really, there is only one reason – failure to crystalise your vision, and turn it into reality.

At this point my life took a prominent fork in an unexpected direction as I decided to free myself from the system, escape the city and pursue my revolution back in South East Asia.

While on the way back to my state of flow, I was preparing my escape, getting ready for my departure to Bali and obviously getting inspired by an unbelievable amount of digital nomads and vloggers on youtube. Even though I always wondered if I would dare to vlog and as much as I never thought I would, I decided now and there to document my journey, my escape, my revolution on the youtube channel Your Own Revolution.

I can now be found in Europe helping the Millennials at different stages in life: Career Starters, Aspiring Entrepreneurs & Business Owner. I support them in their development as the new purpose leaders of our World.

I am offering a them an online course and a 8 week online program to escape the job world by discovering and translating their purpose into a business system allowing them to move towards financial freedom.

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