As a socially driven concept, YOR is looking to help tackle a number of societal issues currently faced by today’s generation. Many of these are as a result of how success is perceived more widely. Some examples of these issues YOR is looking to address includes the problems with being overqualified but under-experienced. YOR is also helping mitigate and address more personal issues which act as boundaries to success, such as identity, life guidance and purpose at work. As a lifestyle facilitator, YOR can give you the guidance, the support and the tools you need to realise your potential. Whether you already know what it is that you want to achieve, or you’re looking for guidance on how to find your ‘happy’ and to work out how to be the best possible you, YOR can enable your journey of discovery.


“To accompany people in the development of their personal alignment by steering their search for meaning and purpose through a significant process of personal reflections and self-discoveries.”


“To become the main influencer of supply of Purpose-Oriented Workers in the European market.”

New Goal For Post Education

We should explore the role it can play in better preparing students to see work as a source of fulfillment in their lives.


We should improve the wellbeing and performance of the workforce by helping develop more Purpose-Oriented Workers.


The impact of our business is relatively small but it has the potential to help a wider sphere of members and an even a wider sphere of the community. Demonstrating our impact and our drive to improve rather than how we perform was more important. Sustainability is one of our keyword which we introduce in our culture and everything we stand for. We want to deliver something extraordinary and long lasting.


The future is beautiful, optimistic and beyond any of our dreams, but only possible with innovation, we always will support and provide innovation in everything we do.


It is passion that drives us to make a change and excel. We are not interested in doing the bare minimum, we are passionate about pushing the limits.



We are genuine, honest, accountable and transparent in our purpose and we want our community to feel that in the way we operate.


If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem: it is our responsibility to help create a future that has a positive impact on the environment and the community.

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This book is here to show you that it is possible and that there are new ways to create your own destiny, live the life you really want, and stay true to your real inner nature.

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YOR Community

The community provides you the chance to join a group of like-minded people.  Via interaction, you will feel inspired and motivated when surrounded by people similar to yourself and striving to achieve common goals. You can also inspire other people, providing yourself the ability to project your future self. Also, interact and connect with people who share a similar experience and successfully achieved personal alignment. By doing so, you can learn from their mistakes to make your journey less tumultuous. Surrounding yourself with confident and inspiring individuals who have common future aspirations helps you organize your thoughts and ideas around different projects. Moreover, the YOR community is a reservoir of inspiration and an incredible networking platform. In conclusion, we hope the platform allows you to leverage your talents and abilities to define your success.

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