YOR Mobile Office will allow you to rent an environment appropriate to your activities while matching your needs and increasing your efficiency and effectiveness. Not only will you perform better but this connected mobile eco-friendly office will provide you with the opportunity to run your activities wherever you are. We believe the mobile office it is the ideal combination of attributes that allows us to say that it brings working towards a new sustainable new vision of employment.

Book & Work in Yor Mobile Office

A BIOD Caravane from 1987 which was completely emptied and renovated to accommodate our activities such as our coaching sessions and events while moving where YOR is needed. It is the synergy point when it comes to our business as all operations are gravitating around it.

Soon for Rent

Our Mobile Office can be rented for you to increase your productivity and creativity while performing your activities, meetings, brainstorming sessions away from the conventional spaces.

Let us inform you when it's ready!