Personal branding will enable you to expose yourself and spread your reach to more professional and life opportunities. It is the logic by which you will sustain your competitive advantage. We believe defining yourself as a brand is not only the way to set yourself apart but the development of yourself towards what you want to achieve.

Make your ideas a reality.


Web Design

Simple, functional and engaging solutions for versatile personal branding ideas. Personal, Project or Business, we develop designs fitting seamlessly with brands, products and messages in the view of defining clearly your identity.

Web Hosting

Guaranteed a fast and reliable website managed via an SSD hosting which enables data and content to be accessed and processed much faster for visitors and ensure strong personal branding.

Web Support

Websites and services adjustments and taking care of the improvements and updates necessary to keep your web activities and personal branding run smoothly.


WordPress allows us to create multipurpose websites which are capable of linking content to other websites, media and applications. WordPress is the most widely used open source Web platform and CMS in the world running a most of exisiting websites.

Safe & Secure

A daily automatic backup takes place for you to avoid losing information would a server error occur or a hacker break in your website. This information is securely stored in the cloud. Additionally, we ensure all basic updates of your website are installed for you to keep your website run smoothly.


A website needs to expose a clear identity as it enables to contribute positively to visitors and consumers’ trust and recognition. We integrate the Divi 2.0 theme as it is extremely use friendly and can be adapted easily by users who have no technical knowledge.

Search Engine Optimization

Ensuring your website can be found in search engines such as Google for words and phrases relevant to what you are offering and increase traffic to your website from “free organic” search.

Say Hello


Brand Yourself

Let’s discuss your personal branding project and define how we can visually help you achieve your objective by designing winning visual material in line with your plan. We design graphics encompassing who you are and what you want to achieve.


Always know what you’ll pay.


Beautiful, innovative, simple & effective design.


€ 950

Page Website
1 Email Account
Google Map
Social Media Link
Contact Form
Pop-Up Window
SEO Plugin
10 Pictures out of Photo Gallery


Beautiful, innovative, simple & effective design.


€ 300

Page Website
1 Email Account
Google Map
Social Media Link
Contact Form
SEO Plugin
5 Pictures out of Photo Gallery


Beautiful, innovative, simple & effective design.


€ 1500

Page Website
2 Email Accounts
SEO Plugin + Google Map
Contact Form + Social Media Link
Blog + Newsletter Sign-Up
Homepage slideshow
Pop-Up Window
15 Pictures out of Photo Gallery


Frequently asked questions



We will send you a questionnaire form which you will have to fill in for us to find out more about you and what you needs. We will follow up on that by scheduling a time for us to speak in person through skype, phone call or face2face in order to make sure we are clear on what you’re looking to gain from your website.


This phase is crucial as this is the time we will spend the most time on. We see design as the translation of the essence of who you are, your project or your business. It is important for us to offer you a website that reflects your philosophy, values while triggering your audience. Design is how we will stimulate the visitors’ attention by designing the right look, feel and message.


When we agree on the design, we jump into the technical part in which we actually build your website. At this point design becomes code – we need all your written content, pictures or any relevant material you find vital to be found on your website.

Final revisions?

When your website is ready, we will ask you to check all creations, links, images. Since all our websites are functional, adaptable and mobile friendly, it is important for your to review the look and feel of your website on all sorts of devices. Satisfaction is key for us, your website has to look beautiful everywhere.

It’s Live

That’s when, things become serious but also exciting – Your website is live & available. It is the time you get to share your website with all your networks.


Our Design system makes customisation a simple task as you will be able to make adjustments by yourself without our help unless you request us to. We teach you how to use your site, update content and images and even add new pages or blog posts.

Ongoing Support

Even if you are able to manage the site yourself we are at your disposal would you need help. Would you prefer having taking care of all major updates, additional backups or maybe even make more substantial changes in the future, just get in touch.


To have your website ready and live will take approximately between 2 to 6 weeks depending on the complexity of your initial request. Note that time will also vary based on your readiness to provide us with content and images. Often this becomes the biggest hold up on websites not being finished in time.


You will need to provide all the written content for the site, as well as images, such as logos and photos.

If you need help with writing content, design or photography, let me know and I’ll recommend someone who I trust.