Each of the videos hold unlocked conversation potential which we are keen to unleash. We unlock this conversation potential, ensuring that the delivery of key stories, experiences and reflections encourage you to thrive on and start Your Own Revolution.

Community Dynamics

It is of high importance for YOR to share with you the importance of our movement through this collection of videos which encompasses the dynamics serving as the foundations of our philosophy and growing community. This may allow you to grow your awarness and motivate you to join us.

Inspiration & Motivation

As much as we are aware of the context in which we live in and the societal limitations of our system, this collection of videos supports us in boosting you, in initiating your inner fire and triggering your desire to make an impact and make things change for a better world.


The only person you can count on, no matter what, is yourself! Traveling is the activity by which we believe you can connect or re-connect with yourself in the view of developing who you are to your full potential. This collection of videos might sensibilise you about the essence of happiness you are longing for.