Matt is a young graduate who just finished his studies. He is now in the process of defining his next career step, pursuing other studies or starting to work. Experiencing this situation as a difficult one, Matt struggles to orientate himself for the future.

Stepping into the working world scares Matt as putting a word on what he is capable of or what he wants to apply for, is a real challenge for him. He sees employment as a limitation to his dream of freedom and flexibility. He does not know if he wants to take on a job responsibility.

For Matt being employed is the end to learning, he wants to avoid at one point to be faced with barriers not allowing him to grow further in his career due to a lack of advanced educational studies.

Matt wants to take time for himself to discover his whats and hows to allow himself to make a long lasting sustainable orientation choice, though he is afraid to lose time.

Matt’s mission is to have a vision for himself and a plan on how to engage his journey for the future.


Matt sees his next decision as the one that will shape his future, a responsibility which puts a lot of pressure on his shoulders. As much as his surrounding advises are good and are helping him, Matts does not feel convinced. Torned between the influence of his entourage and his inner thoughts, Matt never finds complete certainty in his future orientation.

Personal coaching enables Matt to shift his focus back on him. Being the first one concerned, Matt will find help through a coach who will support his reflection through powerful questioning allow him to gain a better understanding of himself, increase self-confidence and motivation while accepting what excites him in life. It enables Matt to focus on what matters for him and how he envisions his own future, personally and professionally, his true aspirations. The coach supports Matt individually in the development of a ‘Sustainable Orientation Plan’ allowing him to engage his alignment journey.


The community allows Matt to join a movement of likeminded individuals. His willingness to make a sustainable orientation choice when it comes to his professional career is understood and considered among the community members which makes Matt feeling accepted and motivated. Matt feels surrounded by similar individuals striving for a common objective as well as by inspiring profiles allowing him to project himself in the future. Matt realises that many people are living the identical personal situation. Knowing he is not alone slowly dissipates Matt’s anxiety, as he understands that “if they found something they like, He will too and the he just needs to take the time to make the right decision for himself”. Matt sees the community as an ocean of inspiration and a network to leverage his capabilities to his own definition of success.


Sometimes taking a step back and looking at a situation from a different perspective allows different options and ideas to emerge. Matt finds himself trapped in constant reflections about the next step he wants to take to build his future sustainably. Completely over-thinking the situation makes Matt confused and un-sure on how to go about it.

Solo traveling is the way to take time for yourself and with yourself. This solo travel development experience allows Matt to break free and trigger the boundaries of his comfort zone. This stimulates him to refocus on his personal desires, who he is and understand which path could enable him to engage a meaningful future. Supported all along with a personal coach, Matt returns from this journey with the clarity and the motivation to be confident in his orientation choice. Driven, he finally feels ready and responsible to take his future in his own hands.


In quest of orientation, Matt needs to make a sustainable choice that will allow him to thrive in his life whether privately or professionally. As much as Matt feels the need for personal support, he also has the desire to help himself and find out about what he wants by himself.

YOR course is a self-help program that would allow Matt to go through all the stages of personal alignment and enable him to methodically define his personal meaning of success, discover himself and develop a self-actualization project in alignment with who he is and what he strives for. The course material stimulates him to dig into his true aspirations and inspirations without taking into consideration our societal limitations and push him to focus solely on his drives and dreams. Not only does this course covers the development of concrete actions for Matt’s future but also helps him build a personal brand by learning about the translation of his story into visuals. The whole process triggers Matt to look at everything he was told and thaught from a different perspective. He finishes the course by being self-centered and understands better on how to cope and adapt best to today’s society while engaging a meaning and fulfilling life.


We live in a world in which being branded as become as must whether you are an employee, an entrepreneur or a talent. As much as hard skills, education and knowledge is important, soft skills have become an essential component that separates you from your competitors. Who you are is the biggest distinction you can make, to promote yourself for any project, job or challenge. The system as forced on people the need to ‘sell’ themselves.

Personal Branding is the process of developing yourself as a brand by presenting your story because yes, story matters – that’s what you stand for. The personal brand enables Matt to promote his anthentic self because his personal alignment is what will make the difference. His self-accepted self will allow him to make an impact and drive the interest in his direction. Through the development of a personal logo, personal website, personal marketing material, video résumé and/or innovative CV Matt reaches new grounds and breaks the opportunity boundaries set by the system.



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