Benjamin Moncarey

Walden Project


Profile: Entrepreneur

French living in Brussels


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“Originally from the French Alps, my superiors studies in art and design school, followed by a Masters in Cultural Management brought me to live in big cities like Paris and Brussels. However, I continued to keep a love for simplicity, the quiet of nature and know-how acquired during my childhood. Between the cabins in the woods with childhood friends, the self-help skills learned from my father and many kinds of survival trips, I felt that there was something else to put in the center of my life. I then start designing usable equipment in the city to be more ecological and gain autonomy. It is in this context that a first vermicomposter was born and decided to start creating my own private household and hygiene products. My burning desire in providing my self-made solutions for everyone to enjoy and to trigger stimualte people to start thinking about their daily lifestyle was the project I need to realise in order to achieve my dream. I wanted to promote existing sustainable practices by increasing their access and use. The development of this personal mission is how Walden Project is born. Through the creation of resources producing kits, we allow people to become more sustainable and resilient.”


"Facilitate access to sustainable alternatives and autonomy."


"Help people to respond to their needs by themselves, to live sustainable, and growing their freedom every day."

The important part of our research and development is on my project, the Ecoshelter – two tiny houses of 20m2 and 40m2 which integrates all the solutions we sell in kits in a completely environmentally friendly shell. This all-in-one formula allows you to offer yourself a space for a retreat in your garden, or as a small habitat for living simply and with great autonomy. These habitats are already available for sale, but we now seek a pioneer partner, ready to finance construction of the demonstration model. This partner will benefit from factory prices for the first model on its field and in exchange will allow us to organize visits for potential buyers. Currently, we offer on our website various kits to collect energy, water or grow food with indoor aquaponics and turn your organic waste into compost with dry toilets and vermicomposters. A complete series of small kits are also in development to create your own household products, cosmetics and food preparations (to make and keep as our elders). In the near future, innovative wood furnitures that integrate our solutions will also appear.


Walden Project

Founded in 2016

Based in Brussels

Eco Solutions


Matt is a young graduate who just finished his studies. He is now in the process of defining his next career step, pursuing other studies or starting to work. Experiencing this situation as a difficult one, Matt struggles to orientate himself for the future.


Alexia is a working professional who works as an employee for several years. However, she feels something is missing and has a strong desire to actively make an impact as she begins to think about her contribution to a better world.


Thomas is an experienced professional who has worked for many years. Rich of knowledge and expertise, he climbed up the business ladder. Thomas feels the need to take time for himself and reconnect with who he is and what excites him in life.



Would you not be able to relate to any of the three profiles, Matt, Alexia or Thomas, we have constructed a questionnaire allowing you to send us all your information and receive a tailored made offer based on your current and desired situation.