Olivier Plotard


Profile: Entrepreneur

French living in Bogota


Speaks English, French & Spanish

Ila Travecedo


Profile: Entrepreneur

Colombian living in Bogota


Speaks English, French & Spanish

“Success is about being good at improvising and being resourceful”

Ever since we got married, Olivier and I knew we wanted to have a business of our own. We worked in different companies, in countries like Holland, France, Colombia, and United Arab Emirates, doing all kinds of jobs. We knew that we were born to do big things and we wanted to do something where we could apply all the experience and knowledge we had acquired throughout all those years and most importantly something that we felt passionate about where there was a possibility to implement our ideas without having to ask for anyone’s approval. After living in UAE for 1 year we decided that it was time to take the big step to have something of our own. We didn’t have that much at the time, so we came to Colombia to start managing a family business, while we could start our own company. Olivier started with Branditt (our company), in July 2014 while I was still working in my family business, I was 4 months pregnant. He found some clients in the meantime, but we weren’t earning that much. In December I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who gave us the strength to work harder to achieve our goals. January 2015 was definitely a tough month, we didn’t have that much left from our savings and we needed to provide for our little one. I decided to quit my family business to work together with Olivier to achieve what we’ve been working so hard for, we knew we were so close to having the success we’ve wished for that we started re-thinking our business model, which allowed us to find our competitive advantage. More confident about what we had to offer to our clients, Olivier went on a door-to-door sales adventure and at the beginning of March 2015 we got 5 contracts signed, we hired our first intern and since then we haven’t stop! We now work with renowned brands in Colombia, France, Mexico, United Stated and United Arab Emirates and we’re hungry for more! We have had our difficult times but everything is worth it when you work for your dreams!



“To be a game changer in the digital marketing world.”


“Be a creative team providing out of the box strategies that help businesses, no matter their size, to strengthen their online presence and generate sales thanks to digital marketing tools.”

Branditt is not only a digital agency. We also realise digital consulting to help companies make a diagnostic of their online presence, in order to define their needs in terms of digital presence and communication. We also create an action plan with clear objectives that follow the global strategy of the company. Branditt has realised digital consulting for companies in all sectors, from very small companies to multinationals. In Branditt we understand that every industry has its own specific rules. We are able to study it in depth and adapt our strategy to achieve the desired results. Thanks to this ability, Branditt has performed successful works for companies in different sectors: restaurants, hotels, cosmetics, pharmaceutical industry, law firms, coaching companies, event organisers, among others. Our diverse background allows us to adapt without difficulty to other specializsed social networks based on the type of industry.


Branditt Digital Marketing

Founded in 2014

Based in Bogota

Marketing & Publicity

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