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Icy Tan

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“I loved drawing since I was young and always dreamed of being a painter, but after as I grew up I just went to normal traditional school like the other kids instead of art school. My love for drawing never faded but as I grew up I was taught by the mainstream sound that if you want to be an artist you have to go to Art School. This made me feel less confident and afraid to draw. Being an artist seemed to be an impossible dream. More than three years ago, I realised that the purpose of drawing is to express yourself and remember the lovely moments in life. Drawing is all about being happy and passionate, it has nothing to do with going to Art school or being a professional. So I started drawing illustrations to record my life and sharing them online with my friends. Surprisingly, my illustrations seemed to be popular and even started earning money from commercial illustrations. Now, I am a freelance illustrator and my illustrations have appeared in Chinese magazines and commercial brands.  My experience taught me that being afraid or worried limits the possibilities life can bring. I think sometimes we feel afraid because we are ignorant. If you really want to do something you should just try it. Stop worrying about it and don’t let others tell you that you can’t do it. As you start doing, life will show you a way to the opportunities. I’m currently doing online drawing classes to encourage people who are interested in drawing but never went to art school to pick up their pencil and start drawing. In the future, I also want to explore art therapy and help more people find happiness in life through painting.

Icy Tan
Icy Tan
Icy Tan

I’ve been into drawing since I was 3 years old, but I‘ve never attended an academic art school and I taught myself to draw. I draw fun moments in my life, conversations with friends, people I see on the street or something from my imagination.

 I started working as a freelance illustrator since 2015. I do commercial illustrations for clients ranging from press to food & beverage, music, fashion, art industries. I also exhibited my artworks in Guangzhou and Chengdu. Perhaps you have seen my illustrations on a magazine, bookstore, metro station, shopping mall or on the street. Besides drawing, I sometimes plan and organize events, modeling for brands or events, and do anything that I’m into.


Icy Tan

Founded in 2015

Based in China

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