“Where there’s a will, there’s a way”

Mathieu Grillo

Bleu Nuit Studio

Profile: Freelancer

Sound Engineer – Composer – Producer
Arranger – Instrumentalist

Belgian living in Brussels


Speaks English, French, Dutch & Italian

Even though I had the chance of attending a private highschool and the opportunity to have access to great teachings – the only thing that mattered for me was my passion for music. Never focused, I was failing classes and had difficulties keeping up with school assignments. However, if there was one thing i could focus on forever it was music. I could stay up at night, studying about music and practicing for hours without a problem. This situation became a real struggle and resulted in me reflecting a lot about myself, about who I was and what I wanted out of my life. This self-reflection period resulted in me making the choice of changing orientation at an early age and enrolling myself to the Arts Highschool ‘Kunst Humaniora’  where I would still have a strong educational base but also benefit from 14 hours of music per week to feed my drive. This was the way for me to be surrounded by people that shared the same passion for music and to feel understood. The moment I graduated, even though most of my classmates were following a more classic educational route, i decided to pursue my passion and opt for a music degree. I applied for Berklee College of Music in Boston and received a scholarship for european undergraduate achievement – I studied drums and music theory for 2 years. But this was not enough, so I decided to see more of the world and went to London to continue and finish my bachelor in Popular Music Performance at BIMM London. Being in London enabled to broaden my horizon and meet great people. This enriching experience led me to a master in Film Scoring at Kingston University. During that year, I understood something crucial – “We are music lovers before we are musicians.” and this meant for me that, if music in general is our drive, it can drive us in any branche of the music industry. After graduation, I came to a point of realisation and felt like i needed to go back to my hometown, Brussels, to do awesome stuff within music, without limiting myself to a certain branche or instrument. I now work as a freelancer in an advertisement studio for which I create jingle’s-music for moving images and produce Radio and TV ads. Establishing myself as a freelancer also enabled me to have time to play in multiple bands, substitute for different drummers, teach music, organise music events at a private venue such as ‘Volta Sessions’ but also write and produce music. My vision is: ” to be an all around reference in the music industry.”


Because we all perceive the world in different ways, sounds have a big impact in the way people experience reality. We are like hunters in the forest: ears wide open, paying attention to our environment. Our curiosity leads us to investigate and find out things that might otherwise go relatively unnoticed. We are curious beings and when something interesting is happening on the other side of the wall, we jump over it with you, guiding your project on that journey; whatever it may go. We are equipped with everything your project needs and bring it to life. We believe in creativity, the sounds of our artists, the talented staff and the downtown Brussels culture.


Bleu Nuit Studio

Founded in 1996

Based in Brussels

Creative Sound Design & Music for Film and Advertising

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