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Benjamin van Roekel

Nuevo& Sur – Knowledge2Share Foundation
POF Mini Crepes and Coffee

Dutch living in Malaga

30 -05-1993

Profile: Entrepreneur

Speaks Dutch, English, Spanish & German

I have always had a great passion for the hospitality industry, more specifically for cocktails, food, music and good service.”  

Being Raised in an entrepreneurial Family have made me a Do-er. With 3 months old we moved from Amsterdam to Vinkeveen, a small village 25 minutes away from the capital. My parents then decided to buy a Hotel, Restaurant & Café which they started from scratch and this is where my Journey started. Through this experience, I learned how to deal with guests, employees and how you should always distinctive yourself in order to be ahead of your competition.

As the years passed, I started to exclusively work for my family even though this was not really the size of business I wanted to operate in as i had a strong desire to to expand my body of knowledge to another level and gain more experience. Turning 16 allowed me to start working for the Hilton Group where I had the chance to work with professionals which allowed me to understand how to serve guests on a high standard level.

Attending Hotel Management in Amsterdam and later on the Hotelschool The Hague allowed me to better understand all activities from the back of the house, which was very valuable for me  as an entrepreneur in the hospitality industry. It has always been my personal goal to gain working experience in 4 continents at the age of 21. Therefore, I gained working experience with IHG, Starwood, Hilton and other private hotels/restaurants in: Barcelona, London, Austria, Hong Kong, Cape-Town and Colorado. This allowed me to simply better understand different points of views, different mindsets, different target markets, different ways of making guests happy and mostly important starting to build up a network.

 While working for those company I always had one major issue’ I thought if they can do it why can I not do it?

After I finished my Job in Colorado I had this moment in life, which many people have. ‘I am graduated, so now what? Am I going to do a master? Am I going to take one of this job offers? Am I going to travel or am I going to start my own business?

For years long I was going to Malaga for holidays and family reasons. After having done some research, I realised that the tourism was increasing and that real estate was doing well. Malaga was for me the place to be as a young and starting entrepreneur and therefore I started Nuevo& Sur July 2015. Nuevo& Sur offers fresh quality street food and cocktails in a warm and cool ambiance. We focus on atmosphere, service, music street food and cocktails. The goal is to become a leading bar / restaurant in the Malaga area by 2020.

 Three months after the opening of Nuevo& Sur I started another coffee bar in Malaga Centro and the new Nuevo& Sur is planned to be open December 2016.

As I already mentioned before, being an entrepreneur is just a fancy word for being a Doer. In the hospitality industry you have to understand the people you serve and exceed there expectations. But again believe that’s not it. Planning, Productivity, Creativity Dealing with Failure, Financial Understanding, Training People and Sharing are keys.

Try things, do things and then improve or adjust them is what I do daily. Set business goals and work your ass off to reach them.

Don’t sit back and wait for opportunities, but create them. 


In the Malaga area it is hard to find a good mix of price& quality and Service& Experience. Therefore I created Nuevo& Sur last year. A place were you can feel welcome and are always able to indulge yourself with selected street inspired food and cocktails in a warm setting. Nuevo& Sur Alhaurin el Grande is up and running and Nuevo& Sur Malaga will open her doors late this year. We work hard to be able to share our passion for good service, food and cocktails on different places as soon as possible. 


Founded in July 2015

 Based in Malaga, Spain


“To serve fresh streetfood and good cocktails in a warm and cool environment.”

“Become a leading and well know accesable restaurant group (10plus) by 2020 in the South of Spain”

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