Olivia Mercado


Profile: Entrepreneur/Employee

Bolivian living in Koh Samui, Thailand


Speaks English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Indonesian & Malaysian

“The world is so vast, we cannot be confined to one town, one job, one same experience over and over again. We are explorers, we must set out on the greatest discovery of all – the discover of our true self. This happens through expansion, by questioning and letting go of old, stale beliefs that no longer serve us right. Connecting with others allows us to reconnect with our true essence, and then, we start to live by choice – freed from the burdens of society and dogma, but rather from the heart, with a desire to excel and in turn inspire and give permission for others to do so too. We become beacons of light.

As a child, growing up in a tiny town, I was fortunate enough to have attended the most prestigious American school in my city, Santa Cruz de la Sierra. There, I learned not only English but most importantly, I learned that the world is so vast. I had teachers from USA, Canada, UK and Australia throughout my 14 years (including PreK and Kindergarten). Experiencing people from these seemingly remote regions of the world ignited my desire to explore it. At 27, I accepted jobs in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and set off “to discover the world”. Vietnam was rough, to say the least. It was chaotic, intense, dirty, and absolutely foreign (duh – I know, right?). After almost a year there, I decided to move to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in search of greener pasture – literally. I loved it! Malaysia was amazing and it became home for the next 5 years for me. While in KL, changing jobs, switching careers altogether, the Universe knocked once again at my door, inviting me to relocate to Koh Samui, Thailand to work as Marketing Manager for a reputable Yoga Resort. Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity. And here I am. Loving life, expressing gratitude every single day, for the turquoise waters, for the twist and turns along my life path, for the souls I’ve met throughout these years of struggles, of tears of laughter and sorrow.

Believing in myself was truly the only option to propel my life forward. So what made me believe in myself, you ask? Knowing that I’d have it no other way…I would rather err than leave a door closed for fear of the unknown. For once I opened each door, there was all that much beauty and growth on the other side; there was a greater, stronger ME, over and over and over again, to hold my hand and help me walk through the threshold, time and time again.

The inner Olivia, as any human being, shed layers upon layers of limiting beliefs. A natural path for those seeking freedom, I questioned. I asked, Who am I? What do I want…like really want? What makes me ME? Who is my tribe? Where are my people? What is my life purpose? Without well-rounded questions, there are no well-rounded answers. As I mentioned, my deepest fear (which I discovered upon taking an intense self-discovery, 5-day seminar called INSIGHT in Bolivia) was to SETTLE FOR AVERAGE. The dreaded the idea of “not living life to its fullest”…of doing all the expected things – go to college, find a boyfriend, marry, have kids, own a house, pay mortgages, go to work, do groceries and save to go on holidays once a year (if lucky)…this idea to me was insane! So the answers started coming. I wanted freedom of time and space…to work from wherever I wanted, with people who understood my mental and soul-wiring, who believed in making a difference in this world. I realized I cannot be tied to a single human being, but rather I want to share of my life experiences as it is also a way of showing LOVE and APPRECIATION for all the blessings and awakenings I have experienced in my life.

So, like an onion, layers were shed, and my life was flavored more than ever before!”

My Kind of Yoga


“Our aim is to empower and inspire individuals to awaken to a higher consciousness.”


“Our purpose is to offer integral yoga teachings to impact mind, body and spirit.”

Working breath and movement in synchronicity, life becomes a dance. MyKindOfYoga is designed for the Modern-Day individual willing to live in harmony with his/her surroundings. Yoga is a state of mind: Gratitude, Practice, Focus, Passion and Curiosity are key components to our Yogic Approach.


Health and Wellness / Yoga

Founded in 2012

Based in Asia

Yoga Online Courses, Workshops and Trainings

Ambassadors are individual achievers who support and carry the movement and who would like to sensibilise people about achievement and personal realisation by sharing their success story. They view this collaboration as a way to stimulate, motivate and inspire you to start your personal achievement journey.