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Robin Da Silva

Classic Portuguese

Profile: Entrepreneur

Online Retail Fashion

Portuguese-British living in London


Speaks English, French, Portuguese, Dutch & Spanish

After graduating, I was faced with the daunting choice everyone is faced with. Do what you love or get a job. I had never really had the time to think about what I really enjoyed doing, and felt a sudden rush to find my true calling with 0 job/life experience. In addition, I was seeing friends getting jobs and being pressured by baby-boom parents which wasn’t helping. I was frustrated at how we were once taught as kids to believe that we could do and become whatever we wanted, and when University finished I quickly realised that it wasn’t the case.  We’ve always been guided and told to follow a straight-forward plan, and when we most need guidance, the people closest to you don’t actually know what to tell you because they themselves have never known or done what they enjoy. I was and still am afraid to live a normal life, and that has been my main motivation behind starting a company and taking risks. If you want a great life, you have to be prepared to put yourself in uncomfortable situations to learn, grow and improve. I find it hard to believe that most people we know strive for mediocrity and are happily satisfied with a normal job. Sure it pays the bills and provides a stable income, but I always like to remind people that you have one life, so make the most of it instead of sitting in a nice skyscraper, helping your boss achieve his/her own dreams and seeing your life slowly slide away. That being said, I spent days on end trying to figure out what I wanted to do, and looking for jobs I didn’t especially like. I then came across a couple opportunities to work in start-ups which were a stepping stone, but that I didn’t exactly enjoy or was passionate about. However, it made me realise that I could be doing the exact same thing for myself and building my own dreams. So that’s exactly what I did. I became convinced that passive income could one day support the life I always wanted if I focused on improving my online literacy. Luckily enough, the idea for Classic Portuguese arose as I was walking through the hills of the Serra da Estrela, when I came across an old Portuguese mill. It was only after we’d met with the owner that we’d understood how much heritage and history there was behind wool trade and manufacturing in the area that had been passed on from generation to generation. It so happened that I’d already been living in London for a few years now and I’d learnt to understand the luxury goods market, and the growing demand for quality Portuguese items. I therefore started www.classicportuguese.com with the aim of being the next global Portuguese lifestyle fashion brand for men. My parents weren’t convinced, but I believed that it would work and that I was ready to take the risk. Though the finished product looks nicely polished, the work and the journey to get there was far from straight-forward. The amount of stress, obstacles and scarcity of knowledge and skill made the work-load incredibly demanding and challenging. However, I would never exchange it for anything. The experience, the knowledge and the feeling of being in control of your own success is incredibly self-fulfilling and something that I’d 100% recommend pursuing.

Advice: Read every day, Learn about passive income, Develop your online skills, Make sure you’re ALWAYS learning.



Be the biggest luxurious fashion retailer from Portugal


“Bring Portugal on par with other top players like France and Italy within the Fashion industry”

The Home of Portuguese Luxury – Classic Portuguese has designed a select range of artisanal created menswear blending the traditional with timeless. We will be offering a limited range of bespoke pieces which emulate the passion, quality and craftsmanship of centuries-old knitwear manufacturing from The Serra Da Estrela – one of the world’s most important centres of wool craft. We are looking forward to our launch.


Classic Portuguese

Founded in 2016

Based in London

Online Retail Fashion

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