Julia Soldic

The FeedersFruit FuelFood & Such

Norwegian living in Amsterdam


Profile: Entrepreneur

Speaks English, Norwegian, Dutch & Spanish

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will & Over planning kills magic”

I decided many years ago that I was not meant to be working for a manager for a lifetime. I spent so many years and so much energy filling my manager’s dreams with my own creativity and concept development that I felt trapped. I’ve always had a profound interest in food and the service industry – especially with focus on the creativity in cooking, eating and dining – it’s a complete experience, in my opinion. I, therefore, decided to jump on the train taking me to buy my own caravan and enter the food truck-business on my way to open my own eatery. Two years later, we had a great success with 37 events booked over 6 months existence and influential partners. I’m now ready to take the step further – to open my own place. My two quotes, above, reflects my personality and view on taking chances in life. “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will” is something most of us experience. Most people who did not realise their dreams, were scared of failure. I’ve learnt that you should be more scared about NOT following your dreams, than living a lifetime not failing. I’m the living proof that failure gives you tremendous power in terms of knowledge, experience and guts (and glory, in my case). My second quote: “Over planning kills magic” is a quote i carry on my phone all the time. I’m a creative person, and if you don’t leave some magic on all your projects – also on the plate you’re serving your guests – no one will stay for the show. My ultimate advice to new beginners: source your ideas, speak to people for advice, make sure you do your research and JUMP ON IT!”

We have The Feeders Food Caravan & Fruit Fuel – an organic & biodegradable Hawaiian portable bar (event and catering). I also started: Food & Such to be able to work as a freelance chef and social media consultant for restaurants. The Feeders serves juicy free range chicken cooked in a sous vide for three hours in its marination, served on traditional Greek pocketless pitas, fresh (raw) vegetables, home pickled onion and our signature roasted garlic and chili sauce. Vegetarian option: crispy falafel and roasted sweet potato. Fruit Fuel: smoothies, fruit spids, watermelon ice, acai bowls, superfoods.


Founded in April 2015

Based in The Netherlands

Catering & Event

“To feed those hungry stomachs some damn delicious street food”

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Matt is a young graduate who just finished his studies. He is now in the process of defining his next career step, pursuing other studies or starting to work. Experiencing this situation as a difficult one, Matt struggles to orientate himself for the future.


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Thomas is an experienced professional who has worked for many years. Rich of knowledge and expertise, he climbed up the business ladder. Thomas feels the need to take time for himself and reconnect with who he is and what excites him in life.



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