Start a New Career


8-Week Online  Coaching Program

Once you will have discovered your purpose with this program, you’ll need to take consistent actions to share your purpose with the world, to build a community around it and allow your business solution to emerge and grow.

Tell me if this sounds familiar.

Whether you’re in the early stages of starting your career or you’re already maybe far in your career – you realise it is not what you expected and feel you deserve more.

The excitement has worn off.

You’ve noticed that everyone is caught up in the career race. Driven by things they think will make them happy (but don’t).

Money, power, status, popularity…

It’s so easy to sign up for unhealthy and unhappy lives in the hope that one day we’ll have enough career success to finally start living

To finally start something on your own, have your own business & do something that adds to the world.

For many people it takes years or even decades before they realize that they’re trapped.  

Let me ask you this – how many years is it acceptable to waste?

5? 10? 20?

What if, instead of wasting a decade (or more) working towards the wrong goals, you could skip straight to the insight and engage your professional life on the right foot.

What if you decided to make a decision today that would start to lay the foundation for a more fulfilling life.

A life where you are at the center and not your boss.

A life where you’ve explored all possibilities and chosen your own path instead of accepting one imposed on you.

A life that has real meaning.

I’m going to show you how such a life is not just possible – it is inevitable when you take the correct approach. 

I am here today because I experienced a personal revolution.

Now it’s your time.

My name is Laurent

I am a ICF certified professional coach.

For 5 years I climbed the business ladder, doing the good corporate soldier thing. Just like everyone else.

When you’re in the system it’s very hard to see outside of it.

Even for someone like me, who has spent years helping others find their true path.

Thankfully, I had what I call a personal revolution. I realised I wasn’t living a life full of purpose and meaning.

I was determined to make my escape.

And I did.

Today I have my own business, live and work in Europe and travel the world.

Business is booming, I’m living my best life and now I’m helping people like you do the same.


In recent years I have become an advocate for a purpose-driven economy.

Today, there are so many jobs that don’t really contribute to anything meaningful. It is essentially “busywork” that, if you weren’t doing it, nothing would change.

Of course a job is a job – if it provides you with a steady income and security, why should anything else matter?

Because you’ll spend more time doing work than any other activity.

If we measure life by what we do the most then work is life.

And if work is unhealthy and not meaningful then so is life.

A purpose-economy is one in which people are doing work that has meaning for themselves, for their business and even for the world.

Studies have shown that workers with purpose have 64% higher levels of fulfillment at work and a 50% greater chance of being in a leadership position.

Having a sense of Purpose in your life also increases your level of fulfilment and resilience.

Thinking of work and life in terms of purpose is a game-changing shift of perception.

But one that anyone can activate, as you’re about to see.


At the top of this page I asked how many years you are willing to waste before you start focusing on you as a business and how to get there.

For most people, it takes over a decade.

That is not acceptable to me.

And it shouldn’t be acceptable to you either.

Now is the time to break-free, to get ahead, focus on yourself and forge your own professional destiny.  

To help you achieve this I have taken my years of coaching experience and inspiration from my personal revolution and created a program to set you free.


Your Own Revolution program is for “young” men and women who are Revolutionaries. Rebel individuals who do not want to fall into the same traps as their parents or their peers. People who want to do more. And be more. Your Own Revolution is a 8 week online coaching program consisting of 4 modules developed around exercices and 1on1 coaching: Define what success means to you, discover your purpose, understand the impact you want to have, design your personal brand and start connecting your audience.

Module 1


  1. Introduction: What is “Success”?
  2. What Are You Worth?
  3. Which of These Lives Would You Choose?
  4. Your Inner and Outer Life – Which Matters Most?
  5. Escaping the Trap of Society
  6. Conclusion to Module 1: Choose your Target Carefully

Module 2


  1. The Rise of the Purpose Economy
  2. Are Your Purpose-Oriented?
  3. The Truth and the Myths about Purpose
  4. Uncovering Your Purpose
  5. Part 1: Your Rock Solid Foundation – Who You Are
  6. Part 2: Your Big WHY
  7. Part 3: Mining Your Subconscious
  8. Part 4: Your Purpose & Meaning Impacts the World
  9. Conclusion to Module 2: Thrive with Purpose

Module 3

Make your impact

  1. Translate Your Purpose into Work that has Impact
  2. Should I Stay or Should I Go?
  3. Redesign Your Job
  4. Do Your Own Thing!
  5. Don’t Get Stuck on the Planning Stage
  6. So What Are You Waiting For?
  7. Conclusion: Launch Your Personal Brand

Module 4

Personal Branding

  1. Finding Your Brand Voice
  2. Create Your Personal Brand Capital
  3. Connect with Your Ideal Tribe

Choose the Membership that works for You

I want as many people as possible to benefit from the program, which is why you can also register for FREE. That’s right, you can start right now. Even if you stop after the first free module, you’ll still come away with insights and strategies that will put you on the path to meaning and success.

What People Are Saying

“When it comes to career orientation this program is the real deal! I’d be honestly lost without the Your Own Revolution Program. Laurent’s coaching is excellent, his support is strong and he truly believed in me all along the process.  The system on which the videos are hosted is seamless and easy. I would also like to say thank you to all your staff.”