Solo Travel Experience

YOR Solo Travel Experience is the transition process allowing you to reconnect with yourself, discover your alignment and actualize it in today’s world.

Allow yourself to break free and escape for a week, a month or a year and re-center yourself to get in touch with who you really are and what excites you in life. Throughout life, we all run behind time and we hope to find time to have some personal time with ourselves. You wont be running away from your problems. Whatever the challenge you need to overcome, the key lies in you. There is nothing better for you than digging deeper into your inner self to find it.This experience will stimulate in you, countless self-reflections and diverse personal discoveries. These could be the elements allowing you to find the confidence, the clarity, the motivation or the decisions to move forward. When you remove yourself from the social context of your lives, you are better able to see how you are shaped by that context: “We cannot see things in perspective until we cease to hug them to our comfort.”

One Experience – 3 Elements

We make YOR Solo Travel Experience possible by the elaboration of a “Finding Alignment Experience” which combines both a solo adventure and the initiation of a new physical activity.

Our coaching process is super-simple: You travel the world, and we help you make it a life-changing experience. You’ll work with a dedicated ICF certified coach before, during, and after your adventure to use your travel experiences to bring more passion, purpose, and meaning into your life and to begin doing more of what you love. 

This experience will trigger the boundaries of your comfort zone and will stimulate your self-confidence while highlighting all your inner strength and aptitudes. 

Yes, you might move out of your comfort zone but this will unconsciously increase your level of concentration, as you start looking out for your self and learn through your reflections.