Thomas is an experienced professional who has worked for many years. Rich of knowledge and expertise, he climbed up the business ladder reaching a satisfying level of responsibilities. Thomas seems like a settled individual as he is pleased and proud with his life and his private and professional achievements.

However, lately, Thomas started not feeling fulfilled. Thomas became aware that along the way he forgot about his inner-self as he was more focused on doing than being. As much as he aimed to provide himself and his family with stability and opportunities, Thomas has unconsciously left his passions and dreams.

Thomas feels the need to take time for himself and reconnect with who he is and what excites him in life. What stimulates him is when thinking about the engagement of his interests and passions into projects and activities.

Rediscovering himself and somehow putting back his aspirations into light makes him feel like starting a new life which regenerates his inner fire.


Coaching triggers Thomas to find some balance between his responsibilities and his ever growing dreams. Empowered to re-start thinking for him rather than about him, YOR Coach supports Thomas in this awakening process by ensuring this mental shift to be ecological and engaged with respect to his obligations, surrounding and true-self. Thomas gradually takes more time for himself to rediscover what triggers him in life. Whilst Thomas explores his forgotten interests and dreams, coaching motivates him to find the strength needed to allow this change to happen.


Solo traveling is the way to take time for yourself and with yourself. This solo travel development experience allows Thomas to reflect on his fast paced life and to re-center himself on his interests and dreams. This stimulates him to refocus on his personal desires, who he is and understand which project or activity could enable him to regenerate his inner fire. Supported all along with a personal coach, Thomas returns from this awakening journey with the clarity and the motivation to plan his next steps. Thomas is determined and feels ready to engage his dream, he promises to never stop listening to himself.


The community allows Thomas to get in touch with like minded individuals stimulating him to centre himself. He discovers the amount of people sharing his feelings and their intense willingness to develop their awakening into a project or activity. He realises that time is irrelevant as being too late is a questions of perspective. The community and the multitudes of positive dynamics motivate Thomas to accept his situation and move forward. Seeing the members’ developments inspire Thomas to ask himself the right questions and find the right influences to spark his fire once again.


Personal Branding is the process of developing yourself as a brand by presenting your story because yes, story matters – that’s what you stand for. Having reconnected with his dreams and interests, Thomas has a clear project which he now needs to share with the world. As it is crucial for all of us to to exist as much online than offline, Thomas makes use of personal branding to develop a brand in relation to the development of his new life aspiration. Through his personal brand, Thomas allows himself to spread the word and raise awareness about his passion and dreams. Therefore, his own logo, business cards and website are developed and constructed.


Triggered by his increase of awareness, Thomas is in the personal quest of rediscovering himself. He needs to find time for himself and focus on what matters and inspires him in life. As much as Thomas feels the need for personal support, he also has the desire to help himself and find out about what he aspires to by himself.

YOR course is a self-help program that would allow Thomas to go through all the stages of personal alignment and enable him to methodically rediscover himself and develop a self-actualisation project. The course material stimulates him to dig into his true aspirations and inspirations through a powerful and deep self questioning process. By taking into consideration is current situation and avoiding the influence of his societal beliefs, the course pushes him to focus solely on his drives and dreams. Not only does this course enables him to focus on himself but also helps him build a personal brand by learning about the translation of his story into visuals. He finishes the course by being self-centered and understands more about how to please his meaningful dreams and passion regardless his level of maturity.



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